What makes your school different from other private school programs? 

We are a unique Christian school teaching French, Spanish, and English in small immersion class settings. This type of class setting gives us the ability to differentiate the curriculum to meet each child’s individual needs. Assessments will be done two times a year in all three languages, and mathematics, to make sure each child’s individualized learning plan stays on target. Our curriculum is demanding but fun, so your child will enjoy imaginative hands-on learning experiences that are also connected thematically between all three languages to maximize comprehension level. We will encourage our students to apply what is learned in the classroom out into the real world in order to build practical linguistic ability, critical thinking skills, and leadership qualities. Our school is based on the belief that learning should be rigorous but also fun! We strive to engage our students in every subject to make learning dynamic, interactive and memorable. Our Specials, Farm Discovery, applied arts, music, Drama, P.E, gardening, sciences/physics – will be done in Spanish, French or English to give our students as many opportunities to practice their language skills as possible.

Do you have tours?

Tours must be scheduled on Mondays or Thursdays. Please contact us to schedule a tour, with your child. The Director will make sure you get all the information you need out of the tour. Info@AcademyOnTheRock.Org.

When are applications due? When will we be notified your admission decision? Will you have a wait list?

We are taking applications on a first come, first serve basis. After we’ve admitted our maximum capacity of students, all other applicants will be put on a wait list. You may download the application on our website or contact us if you’d like to receive it by email, or pick it up. There is a $100 non-refundable application fee. We will contact you within two weeks of receiving your application to schedule a group play date or a trial day when we’re in session, so you can get to know us, and make sure we’re a good fit for your family.

When is the first day of school

School starts on Monday, August 29th 2016, and ends on Friday, May 26th 2017.

When is tuition due?

Tuition must be paid by the 3rd of each month, starting on August 3rd and ending on April 3rd.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located off of the Barker Cypress exit on IH10, close to the Kingsland Park and Ride.

What are your school hours?

School hours are from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Instruction (classes) from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Each child in our school, and as part as their regular curriculum, will have access to our enrichment activities, such as hands-on science, art, gardening, farm discovery, PE, and music.

What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 6 students to 1 teacher. To ensure the well being of the children and the teachers, we also made sure that the classes are big, open and bright, providing a positive and energizing environment.

Which curriculum are you following?

We are strictly following the curriculum of the Ministère Français de l’Éducation Nationale (via CNED and Cours π). This curriculum is adapted in Spanish and English.

Does my child need to have previous French or Spanish language experience?

For those applying to our pre-K programs or Kinder-Readiness programs, students do not need to have any previous experience in either French or Spanish. For students six years or older (Upper classes will not begin until August 2017), we will assess them in French and Spanish in order to find the best placement to suit their needs. With Spanish, we differentiate the instruction based on ability rather than age, since we know students’ prior exposure to both languages will vary greatly. No prior experience with Spanish or French language is necessary.

What are your language percentages?

Eagles On The Rock language percentages are currently set at 65% French, 25% Spanish, 10% English.

Will my child feel “lost” or confused, and unable to communicate?

Children are amazing creatures; we must never underestimate them! Children have a natural capacity to switch from one language to the other very quickly. It shows in all multilingual families, where children know who to talk to in each language, without the need to be prompted to do so. Children learn through play and repetition; you will be amazed of their individual progress within a month or two. Remember how it was easy for you to switch from your Math class to your Biology class growing up? Well, this is as easy for the little ones to switch from one language to the other.

We want children to become active participants in their own education, and take pride in their accomplishments. In addition, there will be significant opportunities for remediation and/or enrichment challenges. Students will not be tethered to a one-size-fits-all education, but will be free to move at a pace that is appropriate for them as individuals.

What is your vacation schedule?

We closely follow Katy ISD school calendar. Please see School Year Calendar on our website.

Do you have a hot lunch program?

We do not offer a hot lunch program at this time. Our students need to bring both a snack, and lunch.

Is there a uniform dress code?

Yes. Students should wear the school polos, pants, shorts, jumper dress or skorts (black/navy blue/khaki), and comfortable closed-toe shoes.

What Specials does the school provide?

Not only will the children receive an excellent classroom instruction, each child will access unique Specials: Farm Discovery (Goats, Sheep, Pot Belly Pigs on campus), Gardening (greenhouse and outdoor), Choir/Music (Kinder Music Curriculum), P.E. (Soccer Coach), Applied Art, Drama/Theater, Introduction to Sciences (Science building, equipped for little ones, taught by former Chair Person of the Science Department, in charge of the Science Fairs in HISD)

Do you have an after-school program?

We have an after-school program that meets from 3:30 PM until 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, offering recess and activities and in French, Spanish, and English. We also offer Before Care from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM. We also offer extra programs during the After School time like Tennis, Soccer, Cooking, Painting.

I’m concerned that my children’s English development will be affected by receiving limited English instruction.

Literacy in all three languages is a strong objective for our curriculum. We expect that our students will perform above their grade level in English. The school day includes an average of two hours per day learning reading, writing, spelling and grammar in English, which exceeds the instruction time many traditional schools spend on English Language Arts, per standards noted by USC professor and literacy researcher, Stephen Krashen.

How quickly will my child become fluent in the immersion languages?

Children have different learning paces, but for most it takes approximately 800 hours to gain strong proficiency in Spanish and 800 hours to gain the equivalent proficiency in French. Or about 40 weeks of Spanish or French.

Can immersion students transfer to traditional schools later?

Yes. When children transfer from immersion programs to traditional schools they are usually very well prepared to flourish in the new environment. At Eagles On The Rock Academy, they will learn all subjects, so transferring wouldn’t be much different than transferring between traditional schools.

Our preschoolers will have the same level as children in French public schools, and therefore will have the possibility to integrate French public school without difficulty.

Are you hiring?

Yes we are! We are actively looking for French/Spanish Teachers and Co-Teachers (full time and part time). For our lead Teachers, we are demanding  a native level of French, or ability to speak french with no foreign accent.
We know how hard and demanding the teaching profession is, therefore we reward our employees accordingly.
We believe that a school’s excellence is ultimately measured by the quality of its staff, which is why we’re extremely selective when it comes to our teachers and employees. Every employee at Eagles On The Rock Academy is held to the highest standards, as educators as well as representing of our Christian school, and must complete a rigorous pre-employment screening process.

If you are interested in a position within Eagles On The Rock Bilingual Academy, please email an updated resume with a cover letter at: Careers@AcademyOnTheRock.Org

Contact us: Info@AcademyOnTheRock.Org
281-945-4540 (FR/EN) or 281-599-9777 (SP/EN)

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