Our Staff

pastor-profilePastor Jorge H. Cardenas, Head of School (En/Sp)

Born in Colombia, Jorge Cardenas moved to the USA when he was a teenager. Jorge received the Lord as his Savior when he was 12 years old. He now holds an MBA, a Masters in Bilingual Education, and a Masters degree in Family Counseling. While leading the congregation of Church On The Rock Katy, Pastor Cardenas’ long time dream was to open a Christian school, offering a strong international curriculum. Since then he has fought for his vision to became reality, while always insisting on the principles of quality vs quantity, hence the low teacher to student ratio and the highly qualified staff. With no tolerance for mediocrity, Pastor Cardenas leads his staff and school in order to never lose sight of what is important: sharing the beauties of the Christian Faith, preparing the citizens of tomorrow, nurturing each child, and promoting education for all. He has been distinguished for his love and fight for social justice for every ethnic group and social class.  Pastor Cardenas has been married to his sweetheart Olivia for 41 years, together they have 3 children and 6 grand-children.

“And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house: and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.”

Dorothee HendersonDorothee Henderson, School Director (Fr/En)/Teacher

Born and raised in France, Dorothee has been living in the USA since 2004. She holds a Bachelor in History, Masters in Montessori Education and CDA credentials; she also holds a Six Sigma Black Belt certificate as well as a project management certificate. Dorothee taught at the College level as well as the Preschool level, and is now a State Licensed School Director. 10 years in the business world and 8 years in the education field give her a unique perspective and a strong skill set necessary to run our excellency program. Dorothee has 3 children

naoNao Fujiwara, Teacher TPS-PS/2’s-3’s (Fr/Jap/Ch/En)

Nao was born in Japan and raised in France and Japan. She became “Chargee d’Affaires”, after graduating Magna Cum Laude with a double Masters in International Business Asia-Pacific and Europe-Asia. She has worked at the highest levels for Fortune 100 companies. Nao has been living in Houston since 2013, and has been fully focusing on her family and children. She has been part of Eagles On The Rock Academy from day one, bringing exceptional kindness and rigor to the classroom. Nao has 2 children.

MagaliMagali Fisher, Teacher MS-GS/4’s-5’s (Fr/Sp/En/Por)

Magali was born in France, raised in France, Peru, and Nicaragua. She has been living in Houston for a year. As a life-long teacher and a life-long learner, she holds 3 Masters degrees (Masters in Translation, Masters in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, Masters in Spanish and Latin American Studies), and has taught from Elementary School to College Students for many years. Magali has 4 children.

ainhoaDr. Ainhoa Saiz, Science Teacher, Co-Teacher TPS-PS/2’s-3’s (Sp/Fr/En)

Ainhoa was born and raised in Madrid. She went to school at the Lycee Français de Madrid, and later lived and studied in France, where she acquired a perfect native level of French. She is a Doctor of Veterinary Medecine, and will be in charge of introducing the animal world to the children and all science-related activities within our school. She has been living with her family in Houston for the past 4 years, doing fundraising for NGO’s and being very involved in parenting groups. Ainhoa has 2 children.

HeleneHelene Foucault Allen, Substitute Teacher (Fr/Sp)

Born and raised in France, Helene has been living in Houston for 6 years. She had a long career in Accounting and Business management, and hereafter devoted her time to her family. Helene has been a substitute at AWTY for the past 3 years in the French Section as well as the Spanish Section. This school year, Helene will divide her precious time between Eagles on The Rock Academy, AWTY, and her busy family. Helene has 2 children

achel Philippe, Art Teacher (Fr/En)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Born and raised in France, Rachel has been in Houston for a year. Following many years of expatriations, and while raising her children, she was able to express and develop her artistic senses through painting. She exhibited her work in many art galleries in France, and was awarded a First Prize of Pastel. Rachel has had an extensive experience sharing her art with children, in teaching elementary school children different painting techniques, as well as mixed media art. Rachel has recently started studying sculpture. Rachel has 2 children.

catherineCatherine Marchand, Substitute Teacher (Fr/En/Du/Ge)

Catherine has been a teacher for 20 years. In the USA, she taught at the Jesuit Preparatory School of Dallas for 8 years, where she founded the French Honor Society, created the French curriculum and prepared students for the National French Contest. She is currently teaching at EFGH, where she specializes in teaching French to non-native French Students of all ages. Catherine has 2 children.

tiphaineTiphaine Lemasson, Substitute (Fr/En)

Tiphaine was born and raised in France and is a Registered Nurse. Although she has no formal eperience of the classroom, her incredible energy, strong desire to work with children and experience with her own children make her a great asset for the school. She will be assistant substitute for the school year. Tiphaine has 2 children.

Kenji Konuma, chaplain, P.E and Soccer Coach (Sp/En)

Luisa Konuma, chaplain, admin (Sp)
Carolina Toledo, Assistant/After Care (Sp/En)