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Covid-19 Protocol

Update Phase II

Phase II Protocol

● Face masks

The mask will only be for teachers and at circle time they can remove their mask to ensure that the children are observing lip movements and pronunciation.

● Lunch kit

We strongly encourage parents to provide their children with their own utensils, water bottles and microwavable lunch boxes.  

● Deliveries

○ We will accept deliveries at this time. This includes student lunches as well as

other items. Please ensure that your child has a healthy meal and water provided for them each day.

● Birthday Treats

○ This year we are going to allow  treats for kids birthdays, we recommend that parents that if they bring something to share in class, it will be given to them at the end of the day and the parents will determine their consumption

● Visitors

○ We will not have lunch visitors on the class premises at this time. Only the child will be allowed to share lunch in the cafeteria. Maximum 2 companions who are registered in the Childpilot.

○ If you need to meet with someone at the school, please contact them to set up an appointment.

○ During Phase II, we will allow walk-in appointments at specific hours.

○ Once the staff member has cleared your child, you will be able to depart.

○ All therapists must notify a calendar in advance to ensure a safe and comfortable space.

● Nap materials

○ Sleeping mats will be sent home Friday to wash.

● Toys

○ Toys will be played every second day and washed by the teacher that same day, air drying overnight.

● School Uniform

Navy blue tops and bottoms. Dresses are not recommended for children under 3 because they can scrape their knees quite often. Shoes: Rubber soles are recommended, no open toe shoes (ex: sandals),and no laces (unless they know how to tie their own shoes). Headgear to protect from the sun and sunblock (optional).

●Complete Change of Clothes in a Ziploc Bag (Name written with permanent marker)

Whether it is because of an accident or messy lunchtime, this change of clothes will surely come in handy sometime during the school year. It does not have to follow the school dress code.

●Comfort Item

EOTRK does not allow your child to bring a toy or stuffed animal but a picture of yourself, family, or pet can go a long way in easing your child’s anxiety. Toys get lost and stuffed animals are not sanitary when germs get involved.


○ Bottles of water must be age-appropriate, no sippy cups for any of the ages. A reusable spill-proof water bottle will keep your child hydrated while they are constantly on the move.Bottled water, labeled with child’s name, just in case (example: Dasani bottled water). 

○ Send utensils according to the type of food. Remember that we are helping your kid to become more independent.

○ If you forget the sleeping bag or blanket, we will provide a basic blanket for your child to rest, but we cannot guarantee comfort for your child.

○ Do not forget to follow up on the messages from the teachers on Childpilot, it is very important for your child's needs.



1. Do I need to provide school supplies ?

Every child has been provided with their own stationery kit in each classroom.

2. Will we be making use of ZOOM?

All constructive teaching will be done in class, face to face. If necessary, a parent-teacher meeting will be held through ZOOM.

3. Is there a possibility for the teachers to change rooms?

Unfortunately not. All teachers are to remain in the classroom that they have been allocated to for safety concerns. Our goal at this point is to keep our students and teachers as safe as possible, and that includes reducing interaction with other classes.

4. How will attendance be taken?

As soon as the staff member clears the student to enter the school after a temperature check, the assistant will be clocking your child in, as well as clocking them out at the end of the day.

5. How many children will there be in a classroom?

There will be 8 students in each class,  one teacher, and a co-teacher in rotation between 2 classes.

6. Why the increase in children per class?

The protocol that we have followed since September 2020 has been very positive and we have not had any positive cases of Covid-19. Due to the increase in children per class, we also have one more teacher in a rotation.

7. Does every student have their own desk?

Unfortunately not, they will be sharing with another student, and we will be frequently sanitizing each desk in between. However, each student will have their own stationery.

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